Termite Could Be A Reason For Allergies

One of the common issues that can be seen in homes is the growth of termites all over the walls and on the wooden items. These termites grow in damp, dark, and mist places. Thus, it’s always advised to expose your wooden items to sunlight to get rid of the termites.

Termites not only cause damage to wooden products at home but also cause allergies and several health problems. Here are some allergies related problems that happen because of termites-

termite inspection
termite inspection

Termites cause mold growth

Termites themselves are somewhat harmless when it comes to your overall health. But, they can cause allergies to the people residing in the homes. This is because of the mold growth that happens because of termites. Termites eat wooden items which then decompose and cause the growth of mold. However, mold in the homes can be harmful to your health. No matter what sort of mold is growing, it can cause various skin irritations, allergies, and fungal infections. There are many cases of serious skin diseases that have been noticed because of termites and mold growth in homes.

Therefore, it would be better to remove them with a termite control process to get rid of them and several allergies. If you’ve tried many methods and are still not able to get rid of them then you must consider calling the pest control professionals for termite removal. 

Causes allergens in the home

Another way in which termites can cause allergies is because of the allergens that happen because of the termite mud tubes. So, these tubes can be seen all over the affected places such as walls, cupboards, and many other wooden items.

These mud tubes of termites contain pathogens that are harmful to humans in terms of health. During the springtime, the air can get filled with these termite allergens. Allergens in indoor air can cause several skin problems and allergies. Also, this can develop asthma and other breathing issues in the people living in the home. A mold spore that grows because of the termites is also responsible for the occurrence of allergens. Thus, it’s important to conduct termite inspection processes to get rid of them as soon as possible.

Respiratory irritation 

Termites in the home produce a lot of dust particles because they attack wood. Their wood-eating activity can also trigger allergies. Many people are allergic to termite attacked wooden dust and frass and they will get serious infections or allergies. Respiratory irritation can also be caused by the wood dust if anyone is inhaling it. Thus, all that you need is to perform a termite control process either by yourself or by calling the best professionals.


Termites can cause a lot of health-related problems and one of them is allergies. If there are termites in your home then you need to remove them to avoid allergens and pathogens. Also, you can contact the professionals for pest control solutions if you’re not able to remove them.