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Possums are wild creatures who live in hollow trees. But now as there are not many of the hollow trees left, they have started to move to suburban and urban areas. One of the best places for them to stay in these areas is in your roof or ceiling. Possums can damage electrical wiring and other stuff you may have in the roof. So, controlling them is extremely important. 

So, if you are looking for Possum Control Near me then Pest Control Victoria Point is the one for you. We are not only experts in possum removal. But our company is also licensed to perform the job. Our Possum exterminators are full of experience and skills. You will not have to worry about anything. So, contact us at 07 2000 4292.

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Book the Professional and Affordable Possum Exterminator in Victoria Point

Booking a professional company for a Possum infestation is not much of a big deal if you choose the right company. However, there are many companies that will not provide you the correct and satisfying Possum treatment Service. But you will not have to worry about our services when you hire us. 

Not only are we extremely professional and our services are affordable too but you can only expect the finest quality of results from us. Moreover, Pest Control Victoria Point is providing customer support 24*7.  So, in case of any query or anything you can just contact us anytime without any problem and hesitation. 

Major Services Our Company Offers for Possum Removal in Victoria Point

There are various services that our company offers for people to choose from according to their need and suitability. Different people have different needs, so just one service is not enough to solve all the possum problems. So here are all the Possum Control Services we offer: 

Possum inspection and removal

Possum inspection Service and the removal of them are combined in this service that we offer. Our specialist will inspect the area for any possum infestation you may have on your property. As not everyone can locate the infestation. Once the inspection is completed our experts will remove them with no problem. So, contact us.

Pre-purchase Possum inspection

Before buying a property it is always recommended to have a Pre-purchase possum inspection. Moreover, our company can be your trusted partner for this job. We are in the industry for many years now and have successfully provided this service all the time. So in case you are looking for a company we are here.

Domestic Possum control

Possums in the home are required to be removed as soon as possible. That is why our company provides Home Possum Control services. No matter where the possums have infested in your home our excellent possum controllers will remove them easily. So, ping us.

Restaurant Possum control

Possums in restaurants can give you a huge loss. Not only can they eat each and every food item in your food pantry but in case a guest sees them. We know what happens next. So, instead of taking your chances with them, why don’t you call us? We will provide you hassle-free services and we also have customized plans for you.

Emergency Possum control services 

Emergency services are very important when you are looking for a pest control company. The need for possum control can arise at any moment. So, our company provides emergency possum control. In this, we will arrive at your property at any time in less than an hour. So, give us a call.

Same day Possum control

A service made and designed just for the needs of people who are very busy and do not have any fixed off. In case, you require possum control today only and you do not have any prior appointment you can contact us. We will provide you with Possum Control on the same day with no appointment. So contact us. 

Importance of Possum Control

You can find several reasons for possum control. Not only are they nocturnal and they will interrupt your sleep but there are plenty of other reasons too. You can understand that possums are no matter what is still a pest, so they pose some risk. Here we have mentioned some of the most important reasons for a possum control: 

  • Not Pets Friendly: When you can live around possums just with no problem, your pets can not live peacefully with them. Around pets, possum can be really aggressive, and they can give your pets disease or ticks or fleas, etc. The possums are also famous for stealing pet food. 
  • They Can Ruin Your Garden: Possums can eat away almost all the plants in your garden. Moreover, due to their constant trek and all they can also ruin your garden too. 

Booking Possum Control Service? Here are the Reasons for Hiring Us

Are you reading that all the companies are cleaning their best but most of them do not have one reason to back their claim? But that is not the case with us. Our company is not only saying we are best, but we are also providing many reasons why we are best. Here are some of those reasons: 

  • All of our possum removals are performed with the humane method.
  • We are a licensed and insured company. 
  • Our staff is also licensed and they are trained for humane handling methods too.
  • Our company provides services 24*7. 
  • All of our experts use the latest technology tools and equipment.


1. Can you or I kill Possum? 

No, neither we nor you can kill a possum. The possums are protected by the law of the Australian government as they are native species. 

2. Will you take the Possums Away from My Home?

We will remove the possums from your home, but we will have to leave them within 25 to 50 meters of the area where they made a nest.

3. Can You guys provide a pre-purchase inspection for Possum in Victoria Point? 

Yes, our company will provide you with a Pre-purchase inspection in Victoria Point.

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